One Humanity understands the importance of Amanah; the responsibility and accountability it brings. We pride ourselves in being completely transparent and aim to provide you feedback from the moment you donate, to the end charitable project you have donated to.

When donating via the website or via bank transfer, please indicate the charitable aim (s) you wish your donation to be applied to and email us notification of donations with your full name and contact details.


Please make niyyah (intention) when donating that you are appointing One Humanity Foundation as your unfettered Wakeel (Representative) to distribute your Zakaat, Lillah, Sadaqah etc. One Humanity Foundation will endeavour to spend your donation in the specified country/project. However, in cases of difficulty to practically spend in that country/project, or if surplus funds remain, your donation will be spent on other charitable projects. This is our condition for accepting and distributing your donations.